These agitators are attached to the top of the tank. They are suitable for different agitation processes such as mixing, dispersing, dissolving, diluting, emulsifying, homogenising, flocculating, coagulating, etc.

Equipped with direct drive or gear drive, with the existing protection variants and in compliance with the regulatory standards in force.

Air tightness: They can work under pressure or in a vacuum, incorporating a sealing system by means of mechanical seals or special pressure seals.

The vertical agitators for installation in large capacity tanks are equipped with a bearing turret, and the transmission is carried out by means of parallel shaft geared motors or bevel gears, with output up to 200 kW.

Our engineering department carries out a prior study of the agitation process and output calculation through fluid dynamics simulations and mechanical calculations of the materials used in the construction of the different components (shafts, turbines, turrets…).