1. Confidentiality and data protection

1.1. The content of the website www.agitaser.com, as well as all the data, documentation and information of any kind that may be exchanged, shall be confidential in nature unless intended for public dissemination or when authorisation has been given

1.2. Regarding confidentiality and security of service, Agitadores Agitaser S.L. has established the necessary security measures to ensure fulfilment of the services that come under this Contract.

1.3. In accordance with that provided by data protection legislation, data of a personal nature will be entered in a file owned by Agitadores Agitaser S.L., domiciled at Fogars de Tordera, 65 – Pol. Ind. Bonavista – 08916 Badalona (Barcelona), Spain, which has implemented the necessary technical and organisational measures to ensure data security.

1.4. Clients may exercise their right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose by communicating, in writing, with Agitadores Agitaser S.L., Fogars de Tordera, 65 – Pol. Ind. Bonavista – 08916 Badalona (Barcelona), Spain, the only requirement being that they duly identify themselves.

1.5. The Client acknowledges that its data are processed via its condition as corporate advertiser, sales or professional person and accept that they may be used to receive information on the services and products provided by Agitadores Agitaser S.L., or any of the companies within its Group, listed in clause 10.7, duly sent by email or any other means of electronic communication, as well as to perform tasks related to statistics, analysis, commercial prospection and market segmentation for commercial purposes in such markets in order to adapt them to the Client’s needs.

1.6. The Client authorises Agitadores Agitaser S.L. to provide a reverse search facility or create multi-criteria guides with the identifying data provided in this Contract; i.e. that any of the Client’s remaining data may be identified via any of these data provided by the Client.

1.7. The Client also agrees that its data may be communicated, passed on or access thereto provided in the following cases:

(I) To Agitadores Agitaser S.L. in order to provide telephone consultation services, domiciled at Fogars de Tordera, 65 – Pol. Ind. Bonavista – 08916 Badalona (Barcelona), Spain.
(II) To any other subsidiary or affiliate company of Agitadores Agitaser S.L. or subcontracted organisation in order to fulfil any of the obligations resulting from this Contract, and
(III) The Client gives its authorisation for the data provided in the Contract (name and surname or company name, postal address, telephone number, email address, fax and type of business) to be used for direct marketing actions, offering products and services by third party companies, referring to the different business sections appearing in the Yellow Pages, or to be passed on to third party companies for the aforementioned purposes.

1.8. The Client acknowledges and authorises Agitadores Agitaser S.L. to record and register, in its entirety and by any means, any conversations that may arise from handling possible offers and/or orders and those occurring regarding the degree of fulfilment and provision of services by Agitadores Agitaser S.L., accepting that these conversations and the storing and recording of messages do NOT contravene the secrecy of telecommunications, their only purpose being to obtain sufficient justification of the acceptance by the parties of the commercial relations, including as a means of proof for any judicial or arbitral proceedings between the parties and in order to better provide the services under contract without, in any case, these being used for other purposes.