Automatic mixers for solid or liquid polymers.

Compact, automatic equipment to prepare and measure solid/liquid polymers, for application in the flocculation of waste or drinking water treatment, made up of the following elements:

Tank with two or three compartments, depending on the volume, interconnected by an overflow. Two or three gear reduction agitators equipped with one or two blades, depending on the compartments.

Level sensor to handle maximum and minimum safety levels. Water intake with pressure switch, pulse counter, pressure control, electrovalve, intake valve, drainage valve and PVC manifold. Volumetric worm meter, thermostat sensor, protective grill and product level (optional).

Switchgear cabinet designed to operate automatically, provided with the necessary safety elements and a frequency regulator that uses software for polyelectrolyte metering in proportion to the input water flow. A touchscreen (optional) makes it easier to select the polyelectrolyte concentration for metering, check the water flow at any time and indicate any errors detected in the equipment. This metering control system offers significant savings in terms of both solids and also in production time.