These agitators produce perfect emulsions (liquid-liquid) and dispersals (liquid-solid), avoiding the formation of lumps. Perfect for recirculating the product in the tank due to their pumping capacity. Suitable for the In-line agitators for Cosmetic Industry, In-line agitators for Food Industry and In-line agitators for Chemical Industry in general.

The agitator is connected to the outside of the storage tank’s loading/unloading valve via a flange, clamp or other kind of connection, so the same agitator can be used for several tanks.

Different types of heads can be attached, such as:

  • Toothed disperser with one row of teeth.
  • Toothed disperser with a double row of teeth.
  • Diffuser with a radial turbine.

As these heads can be easily switched and cleaned, the most suitable element can be chosen for the process to be carried out.

The quality of the materials in contact with the product is AISI 304, AISI 316 or other steels compatible with products that require agitation. The quality of steel chosen will depend on the product requiring agitation.