We have over 15 years of experience in carrying out fluid dynamics studies for the simulation of the movement of fluids and the effect it has on the different areas of the tank (speeds, insoluble solids, flow direction, pressures, creation of vortexes…).

Agitaser was a nationwide pioneer in the use of software with these characteristics (ANSYS). With the experience we have gained over the years in this type of calculation, today we have a state-of-the-art software: CRADLE TETRA.

The main advantage of this software is that it enables the behaviour of the flow particles to be analysed. This enables us to provide a solution to one of the big problems we face in agitation: the homogenisation of insoluble solids in large volumes or complex geometries and processes.

Through these studies and thanks to our expertise our clients can rest assured that our machines are suitable for their process and that the agitation and output offered are appropriate.

Our fluid dynamics studies ensure the quality and efficiency of our products

Mixing of products and introduction of particles

Particle homogenisation

Behaviour of the liquid on the surface

Flow direction

Mixture and particles

Flow direction



Structural calculation using the finite element method applied to the key parts of the agitator such as: turret, connection plates, shafts… Thanks to these studies we ensure that our machines offer the highest performance and minimum maintenance.

THEORETICAL | AGIDAT, our own design programme

When the geometry is simple and the process is not complex, the study can be simplified by means of theoretical and practical methods. Agitaser’s technical department has its own ‘AGIDAT’ software to solve these cases in the fastest and most effective way.



Agitaser has a highly professional laboratory that enables us to carry out any type of test and trial, enabling us to study the product in depth and thus design the ideal agitator prototype. In addition, we have all the elements and instruments necessary to carry out each specific study in a customised manner.