There is a wide range of agitator components applicable to different sectors and processes.

Thanks to more than 70 years’ experience in the industry and the use of powerful software, we can determine the most suitable agitator components (in terms of shape and size) to maximise the results of different processes.

The different agitation elements are designed based on an CRADLE TETRA CFD study.

All our designs can be manufactured in AISI 304-316 stainless steel or finished in polyester, PP, PVC, ebonite, etc.


*TAX: Axial Turbine *D: Turbine Diameter *TFC: Compensated Turbine Flow *T: Tank Diameter *L-L: Liquid-Liquid *S-L: Solid-Liquid


*TAX: Axial Turbine *D: Turbine diameter *TFC: Compensated Turbine Flow *T: Tank diameter *L-L: Liquid-Liquid *S-L: Solid-Liquid *When the product is of high viscosity they should work together with a homogeniser.