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Our Engineering Department has powerful software that carries out mechanical CFD* calculations, thereby guaranteeing clients the machine we are offering is the right one for their process and that the agitation and power provided are appropriate.

CFD calculations help to optimise design, guaranteeing the agitator maximises its flow/consumption rate with the consequent benefits especially for the user.

Our department's research and innovation help to achieve improvements and new designs for our agitators.

*CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). Software that simulates the movement of fluids and their effect on different zones in the tank.

Methods used



Agitaser has a fully equipped laboratory to carry out all kinds of tests and trials and thereby study the product in depth in order to construct an ideal pilot prototype for the product's agitation.

When geometries are simple and process isn't complex, the study can be simplified using theoretical-practical models. Agitaser's technical department has its own software to resolve such cases quickly and effectively.

In the case of non-standard specifications, or when the process is complicated, a CFD study is carried out to verify the behaviour of fluids inside the tank (speeds, insoluble solids, flow direction, pressure, creation of vortices, etc.).